Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between registering as a student (using a student key) and as a tutor (using a tutor key)?

The posts of users who registered as tutors are marked with a green dot. Recognizing tutors’ posts is useful for learners.

Is it possible to delete posts of other users?

No, it is not even for users registered as tutors. This is a design choice. Backstage keeps track of the communication as it happened and therefore supports no a posteriori cleaning-up. Backstage users are expected to be responsible in their posting and, if they wish, to use the posts for producing their own additional learning material.

Can Backstage communication be moderated?

Moderation in the sense of posts being accepted or discarded by an authority - like a tutor - is not possible on Backstage. There are two reasons for this: First, Backstage aims at empowering students; second Backstage posts should be usable by students for giving a lecture an immediate feedback during lectures.

There is, however, a social form of moderation on Backstage: Users can express that their share the view expressed in a post (by marking it +), that they disagree with it (marking the post -), and even that a post of off-topic (marking it "coffee mug").

Is it possible to reopen a lecture?

Currently this can only be done by Backstage’s technical team. If you wronngly closed a lecture, we can reopen it for you. We strive for making possible the reopening of a lecture by the user who created it.

In simplex mode one can no longer send private message anymore. Is this a bug?

No, it is not. It is a design decision. Simplex mode means one way student-to-lecturer communication.

Slides with pictures load slowly and aren't always cached.

We work on improving this.